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PaperSave: Invoice Won't Open or Has Error About Invalid Parameters
Last Updated 7 years ago

You receive an error when you click on a PaperSave invoice approval link. One common error is:
"The Workflow QueueItem Review feature has been initiated with an invalid set of parameters for the entry point."
or the link prompts you to download something.

PaperSave requires Internet Explorer. If Internet Explorer isn't your default browser, you can perform the following steps to view and approve PaperSave invoices:
  1. Right click on the Click Here of "Click here to Review or Work the following item in your Queue" in the PaperSave email notification
  2. Chose Copy Hyperlink
  3. Open Internet Explorer from the Start Menu. (If you don't have a shortcut, click Start, then type Internet Explorer to search for it in your programs list.)
  4. Clear the contents of the address bar
  5. Right click and chose paste
  6. Hit Enter to launch PaperSave

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