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Subscribing to Report E-mails
Last Updated 7 years ago

  1. Go to the (new) reports site:
    • A link to this site can also be found on MyNCU under "Reports"
  2. If prompted, enter your login credentials.
    • This will be the same username and password you use to log in to Windows, E-mail, and BeaconLearning
  3. Open the report for which you want to receive e-mails.
    • Reports are organized in folders. Different users have access to different folders, and only the folders to which you have access are visible.
    • All folders/reports are inside "NCU_Reports" folder, so the first step is always clicking on that folder to view its contents.
  4. Open the report's Properties page by clicking on the report's name in the "breadcrumb" trail at the top of the page.
  5. Choose the "Subscriptions" tab (on the left side of the page).
  6. Click the "New Subscription" button.
  7. In the "To" field, enter your e-mail address. Additional NCU e-mail addresses may also be added, separated by semicolons.
  8. Choose any other options, such as "Render Format" and the schedule on which to run the report.
  9. Under "Report Parameter Values", you will see the same parameters that appear at the top of the screen when viewing the report itself; choose the parameters here that will be used when the report is automatically run and sent to you.
  10. Click the "OK" button
  11. To view/edit/delete your subscriptions in the future, use the "My Subscriptions" link at the top right of any page on the Reports site.

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