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Taskstream - Integration to BeaconLearning Course
Last Updated 3 years ago

If your course will use Taskstream to collect student's signature assignments, follow these steps to get the link up and running.

  1. In your BeaconLearning Course, turn editing on.
  2. On the appropriate week, choose "Add an Activity or Resource"
  3. (See Image Below)
  4. Select External Tool (see screenshot below)
  5. Fill in the basic information
    • Activity Name: Whatever you'd like this link to be titled in your course
    • External Tool Type: Select Taskstream Integration
    • Launch Container: New Window
  6. Click Show More to verify other settings
    • Check to make sure consumer key is blank
    • Check to make sure shared secret is blank
  7. Do not adjust the default settings in the Privacy options
  8. In the Common Module Settings, you may chose to make this link available or not available to students
  9. Click Save and Return to Course


At this point, your link should work for the students, if your department's Taskstream Coordinator has mapped your course.
When the student's click the link, they will be taken directly to the Taskstream page that lists the assignments for this particular course.
This link also automatically will create Taskstream accounts for the students, if they do not already have one created.

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