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How to Archive Email - Laptop Users
Last Updated 4 years ago

User's may report that messages are sitting in their outbox and not sending, or they received notice that they have used their email quota. Bushnell does not have the storage space to increase quotas, so the user must archive.

  1. Open Outlook 2013-2016 and click File, Cleanup Tools, Archive
  2. Click the top item that says Mailbox – your name
  3. Choose an Archive Date. All mail items before this date will be archived
  4. Choose where to place the archived file. Save this file to "C:\Outlook Files\YourArchiveName.pst"
  5. Click OK to save. The process may take a while depending on how much email you are archiving.
  6. When the archive is complete, navigate to C:\Outlook Files, and make a copy of your archive file to your My Documents folder

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