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Adding Bushnell Email to your iPhone/iPad (Office 365)
Last Updated about a month ago

  1. Open the Settings app, then in the fifth section down, click Mail
  2. In the third section down, go to Accounts
  3. If you have already used Bushnell e-mail on your iPhone, select your Bushnell mail account and Delete Account
  4. Now go back and choose Add Account
  5. Select Microsoft Exchange
  6. Here enter your Bushnell email address (including the at the end), and a description such as 'Bushnell'
    1. image
  7. After hitting Next, it may ask you whether you want to sign in or configure manually - choosing sign in is the easier route
  8. Then enter your email password and hit sign in
  9. After hitting Continue, you can choose whether to sync additional information, such as calendars and contacts - then hit Save
  10. If you are asked to enter a server address, enter
  11. If you are asked to enter a username, use your full Bushnell address (
  12. Choose Next and you will now see your mail under the Mail app

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