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What is BeaconLearning?
Last Updated 4 years ago

BeaconLearning is Bushnell's online Learning Management System (LMS). BeaconLearning is our branded name for Moodle. To avoid confusion, we typically refer to BeaconLearning as BeaconLearning and never Moodle. Other products in the world of LMS software include Canvas, BlackBoard and V-Campus.

Where is it?
You can find BeaconLearning directly by going to or by navigating through My.Bushnell on the Faculty menu.

BeaconLearning is hosted off-campus by a company that specializes in LMS development. If you run into a question that Bushnell IT can't answer, we can raise the question to this company for additional help and to resolve issues.

How to Get Help

  • - This website has incredible forums and documents from other educators around the world about how they're using the software.
  • Bushnell Helpdesk - We've attended BeaconLearning/Moodle trainings over the years and can help with most issues. If you stump us, we can raise questions to the company that runs and develops the software for you.
  • Fellow Faculty - You have experts among you that have been teaching on BeaconLearning since we rolled it out in 2008! Faculty members are a great resource as they may understand more of the teaching elements, while Bushnell IT staff may be more focused on the technical side.

Test Courses
Have something new you want to try, but don't want to disrupt your regular course? IT Staff is able to set up a "Sandbox" course for you to try anything you'd like.

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