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How to unenroll a student in a BeaconLearning Course
Last Updated 2 years ago

  1. Login to BeaconLearning and go to your course page. 
  2. In the Administration Block (left hand side of course page) click the drop-down arrow for Users and then select Enrolled users.
  3. On the page that pulls up, locate the student and click the "trash can" icon in the last column in the row for that student. (NOTE: If there is no icon to click to unenroll the student either they haven't logged in since they were removed from the course or they haven't been removed from the course by the registrars office, both have to happen in order for you to be able to unenroll them)
  4. After you click the icon to unenroll the student, click continue to unenroll the student
  5. You have successfully unenrolled a student form your BeaconLearning course.

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