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Email to Print on Campus (Wireless Printing)
Last Updated 3 years ago

Bushnell Library Email-to-Print

You can email your essays and other documents from your laptops, tablets and phones to an email address that will send your document to the print queue. It can be any campus printer, or just the library. Your document will print double sided and black and white. The size of your document will determine the amount of time for it to be ready to print. 

Save your document as a PDF

  1. In Word or Excel, choose File > Save
  2. Type a name for your file (it can be anything)
  3. In the “Save as type” box, chose PDF

Send your document to the printer

  1. From your Bushnell Email account, start a new mail message
  2. Address the message to for all campus printers
    1. Use for any campus printer
  3. Click on the paperclip to attach your PDF document
  4. Browse for and select your document and click OK
  5. Click Attach
  6. Click Send
  7. In less than five minutes (if your document contains images, it may take a few more minutes), you should receive an e-mail stating that your job has been received and that you need to follow the given link to process it
  8. Click the link and it will tell you if your job was processed successfully
  9. Then, it will show you all your jobs in the queue 
  10. Lastly, swipe your card at any campus printer (library printer if using library-print address), select Print Jobs and print desired documents!

*Note: if you click the link a second time, meaning your job has been processed, the page will not come up again

If you receive an error message or your document does not print, please submit a help ticket.

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