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Embed YouTube Video in Course
Last Updated 4 years ago

On YouTube/TEDTalk website:

  1. Locate the video that you'd like to embed on YouTube
  2. Under the video Click Share, then Embed
  3. Copy the long string of code from the text box


  1. Go to your BeaconLearning Course
  2. Turn Editing On
  3. In the week you'd like to add the video, click "Add an Activity or Resource"
  4. Chose the Resource "Label"
  5. In the label text box, click the "Show More Buttons" icon (first button)
  6. On the far right side, click the HTML Button
  7. Paste the string of code you copied from YouTube
  8. Click Save & Return to Course

Done! Your video should appear embedded in the course page!

Label Resource Screenshot (highlighted buttons are from steps #5 and #6):


Note: Students may have an easier time embeddeding YouTube videos in Forum posts another way. Please see our Knowledgebase article for those instructions.

Works for Moodle 3.7 (current version)

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