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How do I Find my Classes in BeaconLearning
Last Updated 4 years ago

You can go directly to and bookmark this page. If you choose this method, skip to step 4.

Please note: The video above may not accurately reflect your course; not all courses use the tab format or the Read/Attend/Discuss/Complete rhythm.

  1. Login to your My.Bushnell account using your Bushnell username and password; it’ll be the same password you use for accessing your email.
  2. Use the quick links to the left or the BeaconLearning link at the footer of every page on My.Bushnell.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the BeaconLearning site, and will be prompted to log in. You’ll use the exact same username and password from your email account.
  4. On the Welcome Page, locate the Navigation block on the upper left-hand corner of the welcome page. Here, you can expand the current term to quickly find your desired course. Click. You can find and use the Navigation block on any page in BeaconLearning.
  5. You can also use your Dashboard in the left menu for another view of the courses you're enrolled in.

If you are still encountering troubles, please submit a ticket to the HelpDesk, citing the specific steps you took and where the error seems to occur.

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