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How to Approve Invoices
Last Updated 5 years ago

The business office scans invoices that needs to be approved by a budget manager. If you are the budget manager responsible for the invoice, you'll receive an e-mail that looks something like this:


This is your cue to approve the invoice.

Papersave Workflow:

Workflow is identical to the single invoice "Windows Review", but has all of your pending invoices listed to approve one after another. If you would like to use Workflow, please submit a help ticket to get it set up.

  1. You receive an email telling you that you have an invoice to approve
  2. Go to your start menu and open PaperSave Workflow
  3. The first invoice will open automatically
  4. Add a GL number
  5. Click Approve
  6. The next invoice will open
As a best practice, remember to delete each email as you approve that invoice so that you aren't confused as to which invoices have been approved.

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