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Room and Equipment Event Reservation
Last Updated 4 years ago

Reserving equipment for events requires separate submissions to Media Services and Maintenance after the room is reserved. Follow the steps below to ensure that all aspects of your event are taken care of.

Room Contacts
Who you contact to reserve a room is all according to location. Please contact the following coordinators for reserving a specific room:

  • Bucher Room – Jenn Box
  • Chapel – Wendy Alexander
  • Classrooms – Gill Heine
  • Morse Center/Morse Center Lobby – Athletic Dept. – Sarah Freeman/Corey Anderson
  • Siefke Conference Room – Aubrey Bulkeley
  • Advancement Conf. Room – Rachel Morse


  1. Reserve your event space by contacting the coordinator.
    • NOTE: Bucher Room reservation requires the “Bucher Room Set up Form” located on the Public Drive. With it you will specify room layout.
  2. For all A/V needs, including computers, projectors, mics, or personnel, use the Media Services Equipment Reservation form on My.Bushnell
  3. Submit a Maintenance Service Request through MPulse for any physical setup, including chairs, tables, or cleanup.
  4. If your event is taking place outside of normal hours of operation, submit a request for the electronic locks in the area to be unlocked for the period of your event. This can be done by  submitting a help ticket.

If you have any further questions, please contact Robert Wood with Maintenance, at 541-684-7273, or

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