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How to Use Classroom Technology
Last Updated 2 months ago

If you wish to use the classroom computer:

  • Log in with regular credentials. That’s it!
  • Select “PC” on the input selector.

If you wish to use the projector and/or audio, do the following:

  • Press the “On” button on the projector.
  • Adjust the volume with the “-/+” buttons.
  • Use the “A/V Mute” button to temporarily blank the screen and mute the audio.

To use a personal laptop:

  • Plug into it with either the USB-C or the HDMI cable which are wrapped up on the podium.
  • Use the input selector to choose “Laptop” for USB-C or HDMI.

To use a peripheral with the PC:

  • Smartboards:
    • Open the white digital pen tray and turn the pen on. Now tap the screen and it will give you options to draw and more.
  • Gyration Mouse:
    • Pick it up and it should automatically work. It may be used as a regular wireless mouse on a desk, or you may use it in mid-air by holding down the back “trigger” and moving your hand.
  • Slide clicker:
    • Remove from case and slide the switch to “On” (green color)
    • On the other side, select presentation mode for easily changing slides or desktop mode for moving the mouse around the screen with the joystick.
  • Document camera:
    • In classrooms with larger doc cams, select the device with the input selector.
  • In classrooms with the smaller IPEVO doc cams:
    • Log onto the PC and select “PC” as your input.
    • Make sure the doc cam is turned on. It should have an LED lit.
    • Open the IPEVO program from the computer’s Start Menu.

After you are done:

  • Please log off the computer.
  • Turn the projector off with the “off” button. This makes them last longer.
  • Clean up the workspace, and don’t forget your tech (including flash drives)!


  • Press the Help Desk button on the intercom if you have any trouble!
  • If nothing displays on the screen, try pressing “A/V Mute” a few times.
  • If you don’t see the same thing on the projector as you see on the monitor, right-click on the monitor and select “Screen Resolution”. Set “Extend My Desktops” to “Mirror”

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