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Gradebook Due Dates - Mass Updates
Last Updated 2 years ago

Let's say you're teaching a course (WR 101) again this fall, so to save time you imported last year's course and all of the assignments you originally created. After you've imported all of your course assignments, you'll notice your due dates need to each be changed. This method will help you quickly revise all due dates in your course.

1. Click the course you are trying to make changes to
2. In the administration block, expand "Reports"
3. Click "Dates"
4. Select the activity type ("Assignment" is shown below)
5. Select "Collapse all" to open up every week and the assignments within each week.
6. Change the dates as necessary based on your syllabus
7. Save and update!
8. Repeat with any additional activity types - forums, quizzes, etc.

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