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Gradebook Display Type - Percentage, Letter, Real
Last Updated 4 years ago

If you'd like your students to now see their total score as a percentage rather than cumulative points,

  1. Click into your course
  2. Click "Grades" in the Navigation block
  3. Click the "Setup" tab on the first row of tabs
  4. Click "Course Grade Settings" on the second row of tabs
  5. Scroll down to the "Grade item settings" section and change the "Grade display type" to match your desired format
  6. Hit save at the bottom of the page

Let's make sure your changes are displaying correctly. Still in this "Grade" view...

  1. Click the "View" tab on the top row of tabs again
  2. Click "User report"
  3. In the drop-own menu, select one of your students to view as that user

This is how the student is seeing their grades. If you need to make any changes, repeat the steps from the top or submit a help ticket for further assistance.

Note: Some options have parenthesis such as "Letter (Percentage)." This will display the grades as both of these, such as "B (80%)."


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