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Engagement Analytics - Reports by Assignment (no graph)
Last Updated 4 years ago

This report is a great way to easily find out who has not interacted with a particular activity and send them a message to alert them.

To pull these reports, take the following steps:
1. After logging into BeaconLearning (, select the course you'd like to pull data from
2. In the Administration block on the left side of the page click "Reports"
3. Click "Course participation"
4. Select the activity in the first drop down menu (Ex - Week 1 Complete)
4b. Optional - select how far back you'd like to check for this activity (Ex - within the last 7 weeks)
5. Select "Student" in the third drop down menu
5b. Optional - depending on the activity, you may want to see who has "viewed" an activity or you may only care to see who has "posted"
6. At the bottom of the page, you can mass select all users who have not yet completed this activity by clicking "Select all 'No'"
7. Now you may send a message to these students as a reminder or to reach out and see if they need help. Select "Send a message" with the drop down menu at the bottom of the page and click "OK"
8. Type your message and click "Send message"

Start again at step 4 to find the same information for different assignments/activities.


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