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Engagement Analytics - Course Content Access Graph
Last Updated 4 years ago

This is a useful graph to show how many students have or have not accessed particular activities in your course.

To pull these reports, take the following steps:
1. After logging into BeaconLearning (, select the course you'd like to pull data from
2. In the Administration block on the left side of the page click "Reports"
3. Expand "Analytics Graphs"
4. Select "Content accesses"
5. Check the activities and resources you would like to include on your graph (Ex - Assignment)
6. Click "Build Graph" at the bottom of that page
7. Red lines indicate the number of students who have not accessed a particular item; green lines indicate the students who have
8. Click the bar of an item to get detailed names for (Ex - Week 1 Complete, red)
9. Student names will be listed and you can send them a message
9a. You may want to click through the "No access" bars to see if there are any patterns, which may indicate at-risk students


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