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Uploading Documents to Beacon Learning from a Chromebook
Last Updated 7 years ago

How to upload to Beacon Learning from my Chromebook

  • Open your document in word online (or whatever office online program you are using for your assignment)
  • Finish editing and allow your document to save
  • Download your document to the computer
  • If saving to a flash drive:
  • Open start menu and select Computer
  • Find document in the downloads folder
  • Move/copy to your flash drive
  • Make sure file saved to flash drive before ejecting flash drive
  • Connect flash drive to personal computer
  • Open Beacon Learning
  • Go to assignment drop box
  • Click add submission
  • Add file
  • Choose file from your flash drive to upload
  • Save and upload your assignment
  • If uploading from a personal or library computer:
  • Go to Beacon Learning
  • Open assignment drop box
  • Add submission
  • Add file
  • Choose file from downloads
  • Save and upload your assignment

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