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BeaconLearning - Moodle Mobile Assignment Upload
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Depending on your situation, you may find it is easier to upload a document through the Moodle app. Remember, Moodle is the platform we use for our online courses. Our Moodle account is known as Beacon Learning ( Below are the steps you can use to upload an assignment from your Google Drive to your Beacon Learning course via the Moodle app.

**Please note the following instructions have been written for an iPhone. 

1. Download Moodle from the App Store "Moodle Mobile"
2. Download Google Drive from the App Store
3. Open the Moodle app
4. Connect to our Moodle site:
5. Sign into your account with your Bushnell credentials
6. Click the menu button (3 horizontal lines) in the upper left

Here you'll see you have access to
- My Courses
- My Files
- Messages
- Calendar events, and more!

We'll return to Beacon Learning in a moment. Leave the BeaconLearning/Moodle app open.

7. Open Google Drive/Word - where you have already saved your assignment
8. Scroll down and find your list of files
9. On the right side of your assignment file (example - BTM 101 Week 1 Essay) click the 3 dots to open up additional options
10. Click "Open in" for the desired assignment
11. Click "Import with Moodle Mobile"

This should now reopen your Beacon Learning app with the notification that the file was successfully uploaded and stored. Next, here's how to submit that assignment through the app:

12. After clicking okay to exit out of the notification, click the button in the upper left-hand corner again to expand the menu
13. Click "My Courses" and select the course you'd like to submit an assignment to (example - BTM 101)
14. Select the week/tab/topic where your assignment is located (example - Week 1)
15. Find the assignment activity and click to expand
16. Scroll down until you see the "Add submission" button in blue, click this button
17. Select "Add file"
18. Click "Shared files," the last option in this menu
19. The file we previously opened from Google Drive should be listed here; select it
20. Click "Save" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
21. Click "Okay" when prompted

Your file is now submitted for grading!

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