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Create an Event - Reminders or due dates for things besides assignments
Last Updated 4 years ago

Sometimes you'll have important dates you want your students to remember that aren't always assignments. Things like in-class quizzes, presentations, guest speakers, or BigBlueButton sessions may all be reasons to create an event. These events populate students' calendars to help them keep track of assignments and other things in their courses.

Here's how to create an event or reminder for your class:
1. Go to BeaconLearning and click your class
2. On the bottom left, locate the "Upcoming Events" block
3. Click "New Event"
4. Type in your event title (i.e. "In-class midterm") and any pertinent descriptions (i.e. "Open book, open note, calculator allowed)
5. Put the date and time the event will happen
6. Optional - if this is a recurring event you can expand the "Repeated events" section and set this to occur every week for example

Once finished, you'll now see this event is displayed in the calendar. Days with an event are highlighted and link to a full list of events for that day.

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