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Attendance Module
Last Updated 2 years ago

To follow along with the steps below, you can also watch the screen capture video here (audio not available):

After navigating to your course, turn on editing in your course and follow these steps to add an Attendance activity.

  1. Click "Add activity/resource" and select Attendance
  2. Set your max points to the total points in the course or select “none” if it won’t actually factor into the grade (example - if each class is worth 10 points and you have 1 class per week for 16 weeks, type in 160 here)
  3. Click "Save & display" to continue editing this activity
  4. Click “Add sessions”
  5. Select the first day of the course in the top section
  6. Select “repeat the above session” every weekday you have class (every 1 week) until… select the last day of the class
  7. Click add at the bottom of the page
  8. On the Sessions tab, you'll see the sessions you created
  9. Each little green dot (or "play button"/right-facing arrow) by the session will allow you to record attendance

By default the variables are “Present, Late, Excused, Absent” for 2, 1, 1, 0 pts respectively. You may change the point values for these different statuses but do not change the statuses themselves or their acronyms. This will cause errors in other parts of our system.


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