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Stream (Microsoft Office 365) - Upload a video to your course channel
Last Updated 4 years ago

Stream is a service that is part of Bushnell's Office 365 subscription.

  1. Log in to Office 365 via your email or
  2. Click the launcher in the top left
  3. Select Microsoft Stream
  4. Click the upload arrow on the top right
  5. Drag your video file to the center area of the page
  6. The upload will begin. While it uploads:
    1. Give it an appropriate and descriptive name
    2. Select the permissions tab
    3. Uncheck the box to make the video available to the entire company
    4. In the Shared with box:
      1. Change the dropdown to say “Groups”
      2. Type FA2017 HIST 161 in the search box
      3. Select the group corresponding to your section of the class
    5. Click Publish Now
    6. Click your video's title to see your uploaded video

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