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Gradebook - Changing Aggregation Styles
Last Updated 4 years ago

We recommend using the "Natural" aggregation style, which tells the gradebook how to calculate student scores. Natural allows you to do sum of points grading as well as "weighted" percentages. Sum of points is recommended as it is very easy for students to follow with little explanation. Here's how to change your gradebook settings:

1. Select the course you'd like to change (i.e. Course 101)
2. Click "Gradebook Setup" in the Administration Block
3. Here you will notice an overall parent category for the course (Course 101 folder). To the right you will find an "Edit" drop down menu. (shown below)
4. Select "Edit Settings" and change your Aggregation to "Natural" and save
5. Any additional subcategories or folders will also need to be adjusted with the same process - Edit, Edit settings, Aggregation style - "Natural"


Then, set Aggregation to "Natural" (works with sum of points or weighted grading).


Other helpful gradebook settings include making assignments and folders extra credit, dropping the lowest grade(s) from a gradebook category, and/or changing the display format. For additional help with gradebook or other Beacon Learning features, please submit a HelpTicket.

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