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What kind of events will Media Services provide service for?
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Media Services will cover most campus-based events. Here are some examples of events we provide service for:

Chapel (2x per week)
Mr. Beacon
Night Chapel
Employee Chapel (approx 4 per semester)
Freshman Orientation
Movie Nights
Beacon Nights
Preview Day Chapel

Event FAQs:

My event isn't on the list above. Can I still have my event covered?
  • If you submit a ticket appropriately ahead of time, Media Services can work with you to get you the support you need. If we are unable to support the event, we will make mention of it in the Knowledgebase for future reference.

My event is on the list. Do I still need to submit a ticket?
  • Tickets are important for keeping track of equipment and personnel. For individual events, such as Beacon Nights, Preview Day Chapels, and Unplugged, tickets are our only way of tracking department needs. For recurring events, such as Commencement and Chapel, there are separate measures to keep track of such variables. When in doubt, please submit a ticket.

It's not really an event, more of a presentation. Do I need to submit a ticket?
  • Even if it's held in a classroom, it needs a ticket. It may not be Media Services covering your presentation but an AV Request is your best way to go.

Who can request equipment?
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Students with Faculty or Staff support. Media Services equipment is reserved for classroom and on-campus purposes.

I'm a student. Will Media Services support my capstone/recital?
  • In short, the answer varies. Technicians may provide simple support including audio, but adequate preparation and communication needs to happen for anything above and beyond. If you are considering adding lighting or media to your capstone/recital, please alert the Media Services technician no later than 4 weeks ahead of time. Extra compensation may be required for rehearsals and equipment beyond the day of your capstone/recital.

What are the general requirements for on-campus events?
  • School equipment is valuable and needs to be operated by one of our technicians.
  • Events--even those coordinated by students--need to have a staff or faculty head that will claim responsibility for the event.
  • A ticket must be submitted no later than 1 week prior to the event.

Can equipment travel off-campus?
  • If equipment needs to travel off-campus, one of our technicians MUST be present. Media Services will work with your department to ensure transportation costs are covered.

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