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Moving items between tabs
Last Updated 5 years ago

There are a few ways of moving items between tabs, but this is my preferred way as a user.

Once in your course,
  1. Click "Edit settings" in the Administration block under "Course administration"
  2. Scroll down and expand Course format
  3. Change the "Visualization mode of section 0" to before tabs and hit save

You'll now see your first section above your other tabs.
  1. Go to the tab with the items you want to move
  2. Drag those items above into this "section 0" area*
    1. *Make sure editing is turned on to enable this
  3. Click your desired tab and drag the items down into the tab
Now you can either leave "section 0" above the tabs or go back to the course settings and make it as a tab again.

Note: I caution instructors about leaving section 0 at the top because it often gets too cluttered and lengthy. If you leave section 0 before/above the tabs, please keep it concise. Every time you (or a student) has to change tabs, the page will refresh at the top of the page and you'll have to scroll past section 0 again. If a student is using a screen reader, it will also read this section each time.

Note: If you have a ton of things to move all over, you can also change the course format (in course settings) to Weekly Format, move everything around on one long page, then change the format back to Onetopic.

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