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Turnitin Assignments - Basics
Last Updated 4 years ago

When you use Turnitin instead of the regular Assignment activity on BeaconLearning, there are a few things you should know:
1. You must include a name for your Turnitin assignment.

2. You must include a due date for your Turnitin assignment.

3. Expand the "Grade" section to edit the "Maximum grade" point value as well as the Max Grades under Assignment Part 1 (they should have the same point value)


5. I recommend expanding the Originality Report Options and allowing submissions after the due date. By default this is set to "yes," but may be "no" if imported from a previous course.


6. I would recommend setting the Post Date no later than the due date. The post date is when students are able to see your feedback. If you set it a week after the due date, students will not be able to see any of your comments or scores until then.

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