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Gradebook - Course total not displaying
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There is a common challenge where students report that they cannot see their course total. These are directions on (1) how to see a student's view and (2) how to fix that issue in your course.

This issue most often happens because you have an item in your course that is (a) hidden and (b) has a point value/grade associated with it. If you have imported a previous version of a class and decided not to use an assignment, you might choose to hide it from students so you can still access it for next time.* Alternatively, you might hide discussion posts after they're due because you want to keep students from posting.**

See a student's view:

  1. In your course, click Grades in the navigation block
  2. On the second row of tabs at the top, click "User report"
  3. In the "Select all or one user" drop-down menu, select one of your students to view
  4. Make sure you are "View report as User"
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Course total. If it's empty, students cannot see their current course total

Fix the issue:

  1. In the Grade view, select "Setup" on the first row of tabs
  2. Click "Course grade settings" in the second row of tabs
  3. Scroll down to the "Overview report" section, and locate "Hide totals if they contain hidden items"
    • See below for explanation of options
  4. Lastly, scroll down to the "User report" section and change the "Hide totals if they contain hidden items" the same way you did in the previous step.

Depending on your course, you'll need to decide to include or exclude these hidden items in your course total. Using the examples from above:

  • *Your hidden, point-valued assignments are not being used for this course - select "Show totals excluding hidden items." (Or edit this hidden assignment and change it to Grade type: None)
  • **Your hidden, point-valued assignments are being used for this course - select "Show totals including hidden items." (Or leave this visible to students)


Video tutorial

Bonus: Read how Exclude Empty Grades affects your students' course totals.

Updated 10/1/2019. Up to date for Moodle 3.5

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