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Assignment - How to attach a feedback file
Last Updated 8 months ago

  1. Click "Edit" and "Edit settings" for the Assignment activity (skip this step when adding a new Assignment activity)
  2. Expand "Feedback types" and check "Feedback files"
  3. Click Save and display at the bottom
  4. Click the blue "Grade" button next to a student name
  5. In the upper right-hand corner you can see the student's submission. Click the document to download it and open it in Word.
  6. (In Word) Make your changes and edits with Track Changes turned on. Save your new file with edits (and a new title).
  7. Back in BeaconLearning, scroll down on the right hand panel of the screen until you see the "Feedback files" section.
  8. You can now upload your edited file here. Click Save at the bottom when finished.

Remember to add the grade/score like normal.

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