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Feedback Basics - How to use the Feedback Activity in Beacon Learning
Last Updated 5 years ago

Feedback Activity Set Up

This is an example of how to use the Feedback activity in BeaconLearning to do an anonymous 1-time check in on how students are doing in this course. In this example, I've left the Feedback activity open for 1 week.

I have set it to not allow multiple submissions per person as I only want them to respond once in this activity.

I can also customize the completion message. You might want to add something like, "Remember, this feedback is anonymous. If you are struggling and would like extra help, please let me know so I can help!"
On the next page, you can edit your feedback questions. For this example, I have one multiple choice question - "How are you doing in this course so far?"

My multiple choice values are entered on a new line each time - great, so-so, and terrible. I have required a response to this question because it is anonymous and the only one I've asked here.

You can duplicate this activity after you have it set up the first time. Perhaps you want to ask it around the middle of the term or around a particularly challenging topic.

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