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Font Adjusting
Last Updated 5 years ago

When you copy and paste text from Word it will often copy over a lot of the sneaky behind-the-scenes formatting in the HTML code that you can't see. To get rid of some of this, there are a few options.

One option is to copy the text from Word and then right click where you want to paste it - select "Paste text only." This prevents any of the hidden HTML from being copied along. Once the text is copied over free from formatting, you can use the preset formatting options available.

Another option if you've already pasted your text over with formatting: First, highlight the text you want to edit. Click the first icon to expand the toolbar's second row of buttons. You'll see an uppercase "T" with a lowercase "x" - this will clear your formatting. After clearing your formatting, I would keep the text highlighted and use the button on the top row that has two uppercase As and a dropdown menu. These are the font preset options. I started by changing it all to "Paragraph" then selected headers and changed those to different heading levels, such as "Heading (large)."

For some words you may simply want to highlight and make them bold with the capital "B" on the top row of buttons.

Clear formatting:

Preset font/formatting options:

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