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Gradebook - Drop Lowest
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You may want to give give students many opportunities for a certain type of score, while only keeping the highest # of assignments. For example, you'll provide 12 quizzes for 10 points each (120), but you want to drop the lowest 2 quizzes. This would keep the highest 10 scores for a total of 100 points in that category.

In order to drop the lowest # of scores, you'll need to create a category in your gradebook setup. Each of the assignments in that category need to be the same number of max points available or the gradebook won't know which ones to drop (this option will be greyed out).

  1. Go to your course and click on "Gradebook setup"
  2. Add a category at the bottom (Forums, Quizzes, Assignments, etc)
  3. Add your like assignments to this category (you can select the checkboxes on the right and move them all to this category if they're already in your course)
  4. Click on "Edit" "Edit settings" for the category where you'd like to drop the lowest number of assignments
  5. Type in the number of lowest assignments you'd like to drop
  6. **I'd also recommend unchecking the "Exclude empty grades" within this category so that it still dropped the empty assignments and treats them as 0s. Make sure to communicate this with your students if they have questions.
  7. Hit save at the bottom of the page

Gradebook Setup Page: The category has been created, like assignments have been added


Edit settings page for my category - "Drop the lowest" field has been updated


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