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How To Add an Adoption on FAST (ecampus)
Last Updated 5 years ago

  1. Visit Log in to FAST by entering your email address and password.
  2. Select Course Search and choose the course you wish to edit. You may also use the search bar to locate a specific course or change the semester by selecting the filters underneath it.
  3. To add an adoption, select the plus sign (+) next to Course Adoptions Details or select the Add Adoptions button below that.
  4. You may also view past adoptions by selecting the Adoption History button. To add a previously used adoption, check the Add this item box and select Add Adoptions.
  5. To view items currently listed for a course, select the Course Adoptions drop-down arrow. From here you may update each item's Importance, request a Desk Copy, add an item Comment, re-sort your items, delete an item, and select Purchasing Options shown to students*. Select Save to confirm any edits.
  6. To approve a course, check the Approve Course checkbox at the bottom right hand corner of Course Adoptions Details. Select Save to confirm your approval. You may also view when this course was approved and by whom by selecting the Course Approval Log bar.
*N = new, U = used, R = rental, M = marketplace, E = eBook
Green = showing for students on the Virtual Bookstore if available, White = hidden for students on the Virtual Bookstore.

For screenshots and additional information, see the attachments or click on the links on the right, in the attachment section.

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