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Password Managers
Last Updated 5 years ago

Password managers are tools that can generate, store, and recall passwords for you. There are a wide variety. No matter which you choose, we recommend using one.

BitWarden 4.5/5

Supports all popular platforms and browsers
Broad import capabilities
Secure sharing
Two-factor Authentication
Generates passwords and fills forms

Edge extension not working correctly
Limited support for iOS

Last Pass 4.7/5

Works seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices
Easy to Share passwords
Monitoring software to see the app's usage
Team password managing

Doesn't work the best for mobile apps that require multiple login attempts
Hard to find passwords that are not for a specific website
The chrome extension can be slow at times
Some difficulty with androids with accessibility options
Not free

KeyPass 4.5/5

Handles passwords for every website or application
Powerful and versatile password generator
Two factor authentication
Compatible importing
Tons of plug ins and features

Lacks automatic password capture.
Password replay launched manually.
Synchronizing among devices is complicated.
No mobile support.

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