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Grading - How to grade in Forums
Last Updated 4 years ago


Once you have logged into Beacon Learning, navigate to your course and the Forum activity you want to grade.

Please note – if your syllabus is set up differently than this example below and you have specific questions, please submit a help ticket.

This example is a common way of grading forums.

The initial posts in Forums are worth 10 points and replies to the posts are each worth 5 points. There are required 2 replies per week. This totals 20 points for the weekly Discussion assignment.

When setting up the forum activity settings, use “Sum of ratings” for the maximum grade of 20 in this example.

  • When your students have posted their initial discussion posts and replies, you will see a drop-down menu on each post out of 20. If a student has an initial post that meets the requirements, you’ll give them 10 points. Give the students 5 points on their replies if they meet the requirements. The grade book will add these scores together without going over the maximum grade (20).

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