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Get Started/Create a Team in Microsoft Teams
Last Updated 7 months ago

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that can be used to chat, hold video meetings, share documents, and much more. 

Teams is available as:

  • A web site
  • An app on Android & Apple phones & tablets
  • A desktop App

To take full advantage of Teams, use the desktop or Mobile apps (or both!)

Microsoft has a nice welcome video here: welcome video on their website

To get started: 

  1. Log in to your Bushnell email at
  2. Click the Office waffle at the top left (looks like a small grid of 9 dots)
  3. Click Teams
  4. image
  5. From there, you'll be shown the teams you are a member of.

Creating A Team

  1. Click Teams in the left menu
  2. Click "Join or Create a team" in the top right
  3. Click Create Team
  4. image
  5. You'll be presented with 4 options. A Staff Team is the most common
  6. Give your team a name and set your privacy settings
  7. Add people to your team with their Names/Bushnell email addresses
  8. Great! You have a team! The new members will receive a welcome email.

Dig Deeper & learn more with training videos here:

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