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Tips for Using Teams
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How to Create A Team:

1. Click Join or create a team in the top right hand corner


2. Click Create team 


3. Name your team, give a description (optional), and set privacy 


4. Add members by typing in their name and click Add, or skip this step and add members later


How to add a Channel:

1. Click the three dots to the right of your Team name and click Add Channel


2. Name your channel, add a description (option), and click Add


3. You can manage your channels by clicking the three dots next to each individual channel!

Chat vs. Channel:

  • Chat is used to talk directly to one person, or a group within the team
  • Channel is used to talk about something that could be beneficial to anyone.
    • You can mention someone specifically by typing @ and their name, like @Hannah Duncan, or the whole team by typing @ and the name of your team, like @Hannah Duncan Test. This will notify them, so they will be more likely to see your post

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Show keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + . 
  • Start a new line: Ctrl + Enter
  • Start a new video Call: Ctrl + Shift + U
  • For a full list of shortcuts on all devices, click here.

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