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Taking Notes in a Teams Meeting
Last Updated 4 years ago

  • During a Teams video/audio call, users can take notes that are shared with everyone in the call
  • Only people in the same org as the meeting organizer will be able to start or access meeting notes
  • Meeting notes aren't available in meetings with more than 20 people
  • Only people who are invited to a meeting before notes are created will have access to them. People invited later won't have access

Here's how:

1. Once you've started your call, click the three dots, then Show meeting notes


2. Title your note, and take all of your notes under that subject 


3. To move different note subjects up or down, delete a note, or copy its link, click the three dots to the right of the note title and select the desired action


4. To add another note subject, hover below the previous note, and click the add symbol (seen in the picture above)

5. To see notes after the call has ended, go to the general tab and click Show notes in fullscreen in the comment section of the meeting. Or, go to the Meeting Notes tab in your teamand click on the title of the meeting to see that meeting's notes. This tab is created automatically when someone first takes notes! You can edit these notes after the video as well. 


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