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BigBlueButton - Guest Access/Guest Speakers & Moderators
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Guest Speakers

You can invite guests to join your BigBlueButton meeting, which means they won't need to have access to BeaconLearning. You'll have to wait until you're almost ready to go live. Once you start the meeting in BeaconLearning, you'll notice in the public chat (which you may need to select to expand/display), the link to "Invite a guest to join this meeting."

  • Select "Invite a guest to join this meeting"
  • Copy the provided link, which is unique to that particular meeting/day/time, and send it to your guest
  • Once your guest joins, you'll be able to select their name in the "Users" menu and select "Make presenter" if you're looking to give them access to upload a presentation

Keep in mind that your guests may not have presented on BigBlueButton before and may need some technical support from your end as the host.

You can make any participants in your BBB session a moderator including students who may want to upload a presentation for the class.

To resume your own presenter status, click your name and select "Take Presenter."


Up to date for Moodle 3.7, SP2020

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