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Breakout Rooms

What to create virtual small groups for added discussion in live class sessions? You can do that!

  1. Click the gear icon in the USERS pane
  2. Select your number of rooms
    1. You can select a duration (in minutes) for your breakouts to last, but you can also call users back manually
    2. Manual group distribution: Click and drag users into their respective "rooms"
    3. Randomly assign: Click the "Randomly assign" option
    4. Optional - you could allow users to choose their own breakout room, which could be a nice feature if you decide different breakout rooms are discussing different topics
  3. Click create - this will open up a new tab for users prompting them to join the breakout room
  4. Click "Join Room"
  5. Users will all need to again select microphone/listen and select their webcam should they opt to use it
  6. Instructors - if you want to hop into various breakout rooms or decide you want to call users back before the duration is up, click back into the previous tab
  7. Click the Breakout Rooms option, above the list of USERS
  8. Here, you'll see options to join breakout rooms and end all breakout rooms when ready

(Updated March 2020, Moodle 3.7)

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Instructions on Breakout rooms

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