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Record - Intro Video Tips
Last Updated 4 years ago

When instructing an online course, you will need to include an introduction video. This should be about 1-5 minutes. Here are some things tips:

What to include:

  • Your background in the field
  • Specializations in your area of study
  • General communication preferences
  • General info about yourself - hobbies,

What to leave out:

  • Date/time-specific things (children's ages)
  • Detailed replication of the syllabus
  • Class-specific information¬†(so you can use the same intro video in multiple courses, multiple years)

Tips for Looking your Best on Camera:

  1. Film in landscape on your phone
  2. Film in a quiet location so we can clearly hear your 3-second message
  3. Shoot with the phone camera at eye-height or slightly above eye-height for the best angle
  4. Shoot in good, abundant light
    1. Good lighting
      1. Facing a large window
      2. Outside in a fully shaded area on a sunny day
      3. Outside on an overcast, but not stormy day
    2. Bad areas
      1. Under overhead/ceiling lights
      2. In a dark room
      3. In direct sunlight
      4. In partially shaded areas
  5. Pick a video location that shows off your personality, your home, your state, or something unique about you. Feel free to be creative with your video location, but remember that it should not be distracting.

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