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J1Desktop - Basics
Last Updated 4 years ago

Logging in:

  1. Go to Windows Start menu
  2. Scroll down and select the Bushnell RemoteApps folder
  3. Click J1
  4. Enter your username as follows: nwcu\username
    1. This will not change with the transition to Bushnell!
  5. Enter your normal password
  6. Enter your normal username and password
  7. For implementation, select J1 Training as the Database

Other Tips:

  • Searching for a window or activity center
    • Begin typing in the textbox in the top left corner
  • Searching for a student
    • Search "Student Information"
    • Click the plus button next to Create Students
    • Click Student Information
    • Search for the student using their ID number, first name, or last name
  • Using the Student Information window
    • Minimized windows go to the bottom of the main window
    • Save by clicking the save button in the top left, or hitting Cmd+S
  • Database information
    • The name of the database you are logged in to is located in the bottom right
    • If you hold your mouse over the database name, it will give you information about the connection that is useful should an issue
    • If you double click on the database name and hit cancel at the login box, you will be returned to wherever you previously were, with all windows refreshed

For more information, or visuals regarding this information, watch this J1 Desktop Walkthrough video!

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