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My.Bushnell (JICS) - Design Standards (Content Managers)
Last Updated 4 years ago


  • Use links to point back to the source data, don't duplicate
  • Is your content in the right spot?
  • When using headers, use camel text & bold - not all caps (err on the side of consistency on your page)
  • Rename your portlets
  • Consistent font sizes & formatting
  • Side-by-side layout as your rule of thumb
  • Keep content concise - keep scrolling limited as possible
  • Delete empty portlets
  • Link/upload PDFs as necessary** 
  • Make sure your PDFs are accessible


  • Use Home tab for content that needs to be accessed by faculty/staff & students
  • Use Student tab for student-specific content
  • Use Fac/Staff tab for employee-specific content
  • Use Admitted Students tab for admitted-student-specific content
  • Use Alumni tab for alumni-specific content
  • Use My Student tab for parent/family specific content

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