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J1Web - Grading
Last Updated 2 years ago

Instructions for entering grades online:

  1. Log into J1Web ( or through - details in video)
  2. Navigate to the “waffle”/”Rubik’s Cube”/menu hub in the upper left corner of your browser.
  3. Click Faculty
  4. Click Manage My Course List
    1. This will take awhile to load
  5. Click Select Action, then Manage Grades
  6. Enter grades!
  7. Click Save

For more detail, and to get a quick introduction to J1Web and My.Bushnell, watch this 7 min Grading Tutorial.

*You have until Wednesday, July 1 at 5 to make edits this one time – after this session this feature will be disabled.

**Don’t forget to fill out grade change forms and incomplete grade forms for appropriate reasons (ALL incomplete grades must have a form filled out for each student). Further instructions on the new form are in the video!

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