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My.Bushnell (JICS) - Forms: Advanced
Last Updated 4 years ago

Hiding/Locking Forms:

  • To hide, toggle the eye icon off
    • This will keep the form from appearing at all on your Formflow portlets, which is helpful while it is being worked on
    • You can keep users from completing form by changing the open day/time settings on Form Settings, but they will be able to see the title and description

Adding a Payment:

  • With your form mostly built out, click Tools then Payment Profiles
  • Add a Profile to define your new payment
  • Give your payment a description that will make sense to you and the Business Office
    • Transaction code will always be WEB
    • Enter optional default fee amount 
    • Set as the email address to notify on failed payment for payment follow-up
  • After you enter all the required fields, click save your profile at the bottom of the page.
  • Go back to the form
  • Right click our Submit button, select properties, and go to the Rules tab
  • Add a new rule for Payment: Use profile
    • Use the asterisk for buttons, and use “And” statements after the initial rule
    • Adding an Else field at the end clears the payment profile, so when the user clicks submit, a new page for payment information appears.

Receiving Email Notifications (when form is submitted):

  • Right click the Submit button (or whichever button), select properties, and go to the Rules tab
  • Choose if answer is * , then Email: Send
    • Make this your first rule in this list if you plan to receive email notifications
  • Edit rule template settings by clicking the pencil icon that appears
    • For Send Event choose Submit
    • For Email From, choose an email address the email will come from
      • Could be helpful if you wanted students to get a notification email that their form was submitted
    • For Email To, chose an email where you will receive these notifications 
      • Multiple emails allowed
  • Create a Subject
  • Create a message
    • Your email message can be customized in this field using two @ symbols with some of those pre-defined fields
  • Save your template and select it from the drop-down list
    • image
  • Save changes again
  • Notes about rules
    • Make your second to last thing in the list Form: Submit and your very last item the Else rule 
    • Use And anytime before your first and last entry of rules to group rules

Adding Tabs & Buttons:

  • Adding a Tab
    • Click Add tab, and give your new tab a name
      • To edit the tab name, right click the tab, select properties and give your tab a new name
  • Adding a button on your tab (to create "next" and "previous" options)
    • Create a button type for each option
      • If your form has multiple “next” “previous” or “save” buttons, your uniqueID field will need to be unique on each of these. You could use Next1, 2, 3 in order for example.
    • Click the rules tab
    • Choose if answer value is * , then Tab: Change is next/previous
    • For save button, choose Form: Save

Misc. Advanced Tips:

  • A “Hidden” button type can be used to add a default field (like a student’s Bushnell email) without a student ever needing to see or enter it, while keeping it on the form. Remember to type the default value in! If you’re changing a required Textbox question type to a Hidden type of question, remember to remove the requirement field first.
  • A “Label” button type can be added and moved around on the page with informative text
  • File Uploads: Your page must have the box Publish MoxieManager shared folder for this context checked for your uploads to be viewable
    • When uploading files, save them and insert them from the respective page files
  • If your “Checkbox” question has a rather long text, you can change display settings for “Text position: top”
  • When setting up your forms with rules for emails, you can use curly brackets with the unique question field ID name to have those automatically pull into the body of your email (shown in picture below)
    • Note: this pulls over the value, not the text
    • This is a great way to customize what content gets shown at a glance to which emails & can be a workaround for the PDFs not attaching correctly

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