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Each 16 week semester - Fall, Spring, and Summer - is broken up into two sessions 1 and 2. In the Fall and Spring these sessions each last 8 weeks. Summer is a little different as those are broken up into two 7-week sessions. When you see a course name, you might notice it has OL1 or OL2 in the name, which indicates it's one of the 8 or 7-week sessions depending on the semester it's offered.

The "OL" in the naming convention indicates these are both online classes. Online classes are often in the shorter sessions. "EU" signifies "Eugene" or face-to-face courses, and "HY" is a hybrid of online and face-to-face.

If you have more questions about your courses, please reach out to your Dean or the Administrative Assistant to the VP of Academic Affairs depending on your question.

Please have your courses visible the Thursday by 5pm before your course begins. This allows for time to troubleshoot any issues with the course during Help Desk hours as well as eases students anxieties about their course.

If your course has a Taskstream/signature assignment component, please consider having it in a week other than the final week and/or not on a weekend, so students can utilize the Help Desk should issues arise.

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