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Add or drop classes
Last Updated 3 years ago

How do I add or drop classes?

  1. Login to My.Bushnell ( with your Bushnell credentials (no necessary)
  2. Click on the Student tab (top menu)
  3. Click on the Academics page (left menu) to view the Academics landing page
  4. Under My Advisor Meetings select the “Let’s get together soon” button. This will open an email to your academic advisor.
  5. Send an email to your advisor with your request to change courses if it is simple swap/addition/drop, or a request for a meeting if you would like have a deeper discussion.
    1. For a simple change, include the course title and/or prefix and number and course section for each class and what you’d like to happen with each one.
    2. If you are requesting to meet, include the days and times you are available to meet.

Note: in the future, you will be able to schedule meetings with your advisor based on their calendar and availability, but for the moment you are simply emailing them your request.

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