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Select a Payment Plan
Last Updated 4 years ago

  1. Login to My.Bushnell ( with your Bushnell credentials (no necessary)
  2. Click on the Student tab (top menu)
  3. Click the Billing page (left menu) to view the Billing landing page
  4. Select one of the available payment plans to view more details about the amounts due (based on your current balance) and due dates
    1. Please note that there will be a $50 sign up fee with any/all of our payment plan options
    2. Click “Choose plan”
    3. Optional: set up an automatic payment if you’d like by turning on the “Set Up Automatic Payment Withdraw” button
    4. Click continue
  5. Remember: You will need to sign up for a new payment plan each semester if you want to continue paying on a plan.image

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