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If there is a course you believe you will be teaching, but have not yet been assigned, please contact your academic dean immediately.

The FAST listing should always match our own Bushnell Course Offering.

As a reminder, ALL required textbooks MUST be offered through our bookseller in order to comply with Federal Financial Aid laws.

Access FAST:

  1. Log-in to
  2. Select the Faculty/Staff tab on the top row
  3. Select the Faculty page on the left menu (if you do not have access, please submit a Help Ticket)
  4. Select FAST Book Editor link

NOTE: If you receive a password reset request, DO NOT RESET. Refresh My.Bushnell and try the link again. If it fails again, submit an IT Help Ticket.

The courses you have been assigned will appear under the Course Search tab, the default is our current semester.

Click on Semester: Fall 2020 and use the drop-down menu to select Spring 2021.

See the attached guides for further detailed instructions.

Tip: If the 13-digit ISBN doesn’t work, try the 10 digit version and vice versa. If your textbook is not available, double-check the ISBN and the edition. If it is still not available, you will be prompted to submit an e-mail and you may make the request for your book at that point. Example: if you find a package on a publisher’s site that is not available, you may request that package and eCampus may be able to make it available. You should receive a direct e-mail response. Please be sure to respond to eCampus staff when they contact you with textbook questions or issues.

If you need a desk copy, please select that option. All desk copy requests will go through FAST. If you do not receive your desk copy by November 23rd, please notify me.

After your adoption selections are made, be sure to uncheck Textbooks TBD and under the Course Approval Log toggle the APPROVE status.

Once our entire course adoption is submitted, eCampus will verify textbook availability and contact you directly if there are any issues. Please respond to them promptly.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact me or your academic dean.

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