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Gradebook - Overridden Grades & In-Activity Grading
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Overridden grades
Any overridden grades (the orange, highlighted grades) will not communicate with the in-activity grading. For example, if you’ve given a student a 0 because their Week 1 Forum was late, but then gave them the opportunity to turn it in later for partial credit, you will either have to (a) remove the override so you can grade it in the forum or (b) manually change their grade in the gradebook and keep it overridden. 

The easiest way to do this from your BeaconLearning course is...

  1. Click "Grades" in the navigation block 
    1. (if you select "Gradebook setup" from the Administration block, just click the "View" menu on the top row of tabs)
  2. Click the "Single view" tab on the second row of tabs
  3. From the dropdown menu "Select grade item..." select your assignment
  4. Click “None” under “Override” or unselect the individual student for whom you wish to remove the manual grade
  5. Save at the bottom or top of the page
    1. You can also check “Perform bulk insert” and insert 0s for any empty grades. Hit save again.

You should see the highlighted grade from the Grader Report view is now updated with the in-activity grade and no longer highlighted. Both the highlighted manual grades as well as the in-activity grades will get calculated into the student's course total.

I’ve seen this cause problems particularly with quizzes, which instructors generally trust to automatically feed into the gradebook. If you’ve entered in a 0 (or any other manual score to override this grade), and a student goes in to take the quiz later, it won’t automatically populate their score in the gradebook until you remove the override in the “Single view” tab.


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