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How Do I Register with an Excel Graduation Plan?
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  1. Log in to My.Bushnell, click on the Student page, and the blue Registration button in the Registration portlet
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  2. Click the Register link
    1. Use the Course Search link to quickly look at all the course offerings for spring. You will not be able to register from the Course Search.
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  3. Have your Excel/PDF Grad Plan for reference to see what courses you and your academic advisor planned out
    1. Email your advisor if you need an updated copy!
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  4. On My.Bushnell Registration, click on Course Search
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  5. Type in the course code without spaces and click Search Courses (Ex. BTM102)
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  6. Click on the three dots in the top right of the course, then view details to see the class title
  7. Click the + button to add the class to your schedule or "shopping cart"
    1. The course will only appear on the weekly schedule if it has a designated time to meet on campus
    2. If a course is offered online, it will say "no schedule available." Once you add it to your schedule, it will appear above your weekly schedule
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  8. Click Back to Search to search and add additional courses 
  9. When you are done adding classes to your schedule, click on Registration Checkout to review the courses in your shopping cart and check the box for the classes you’d like to add. Click on the "Request advisor approval" button and then see your courses pending approval.
    1. Warning: once you request advisor approval, you will not be able to take a class off your schedule without your advisor’s assistance. Make sure that you are certain you want the courses and days/times you have selected.
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  10. Your courses will be listed as pending to indicate you have requested them successfully. When you are done, click close. 
    1. You will need to meet with your advisor to complete the approval process and be fully enrolled. If you request courses and do not meet with your advisor before the end of registration, you will be removed from the courses.
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  • As you look at courses, utilize the Course Search Key located on My.Bushnell > Student > Academics
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  • Pay attention to the start and end dates of courses
    • All semester (16 weeks for Fall/Spring, 14 weeks for Summer)
    • Session 1 (first half of semester)
    • Session 2 (second half of semester)
  • To remove a class you have added to your schedule before you have fully requested approval, click on the course and click "remove from my schedule"
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